Values & Engagements

The LEBON group and its teams have made a firm commitment to a process of social and environmental responsibility because it is vital that Company now starts to move in a new direction.
To that end, it is important to communicate a strong message about our organization’s best CSR practices, highlight the citizens commitments being made in our company, value the work our teams are doing in terms of sustainable development and take a proactive role in a positive movement that seeks to make LEBON Group an operator in the transition to sustainability and social responsibility.
The commitment of each and every one of us will bring us success.
Fabrice Lebon

Safety at work is our priority

Our entire body of expertise goes into your protection. We started out in 1973 with the idea of finding out exactly what our customers wanted, and we have never stopped doing that.
Understanding and satisfying your requirements enables us to continuously improve using latest generation tools. This has enabled us to improve the quality and performance of our products while respecting the environment as well. We are proud to have been producing quality gloves at LEBON for 3 generations.
French leader in technical gloves for more than 49 years.
European manufacturer that focuses its development on new technologies.
Protect Human while respecting his health and his environment.
Pioneer in innovation since 1973.
Latest high-performance products meeting regulatory standards.
Protect the operator against accidents at work.

The commitments made by LEBON in France and India

The construction of a nursery
We set up a nursery on our Ahmedabad unit 3 to provide the best support possible to our employees and increase the attractiveness of our site. With this, we are promoting access to employment for men and women.
A retirement system
Paying contributions to a pension fund so that our employees can have a guaranteed pension.
Social security protection for employees
Our employees, their children and relatives in the ascending line are covered by health insurance.
Our commitment to the planet: Green Action
What is our aim?

To plant more than 300 trees at our production site in India which is equivalent to absorbing 10.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Trees store CO2 naturally, through the process of photosynthesis. We are therefore focusing on carbon compensation, which consists of planting trees to offset the effects of our CO2 emissions. The more trees are planted, the more CO2 will be absorbed. This helps to protect nature and reduce our impact on the environment. The large-scale planting of trees will therefore reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
In addition, trees produce oxygen and therefore promote biodiversity and improve our health.

LEBON is therefore hoping to generate a positive impact on the climate in order to take positive action on climate and biodiversity.
Our commitment to the operator: Oeko-tex Standard 100
The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is a testing and certification system standardised at world level for all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products at all stages of processing as well as for all accessory materials.

Conceptualised in Germany in 1992, it provides the consumer with a guarantee that the clothes, fabrics or household linens purchased do not contain any harmful substances, with regard to both the dyes and the textiles. It is a reliable label that judges the ecological quality of textiles and which is recognised by professionals and consumers as a "guarantee of safety".

Thanks to this OEKO-TEX label, LEBON is committed to protecting its users against toxic risks to the body and the environment. We are committed to producing as many OEKO-TEX® certified protective gloves as possible.

Our certifications: a guarantee of quality

Norme ISO 9001:2015

LEBON is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. This certification defines the principles of a quality management system (QMS), such as strong customer focus, the involvement of management and continuous improvement.
ISO 9001: a quality guarantee granted to 1.1 million companies and public entities across the world.

Now thanks to this ISO 9001: 2015 certification, LEBON is making the link between its quality system and its “context” and economic environment in which it is evolving.

Standard SA 8000

This standard is an international standard that guarantees the ethical origin of the production of goods or services in safe and decent working conditions.

With SA 8000, LEBON is committed to:

– Prohibiting forced labour and child labour under 15 years of age
– Protecting health and safety of workers
– Protecting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
– Prohibiting discrimination and “disciplinary practices”
– Controlling work schedules and ensuring honest remuneration

Certification ISO 14001 :2015

The LEBON Group is committed to using cleaner production system and reprocessing waste utmost respect of the environment. We actually ensure that we recycle all our process waters to achieve “zero” waste.
As such, our production units are ISO 14001: 2015 certified.