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Complete protection
In order to protect operators' hands against the risks of impact, we have created SHOCKPROTEC: a range of protective gloves from cut protection A to cut protection F (maximum protection). SHOCKPROTEC gloves have absorbent reinforcements on the back of the hand which allow you to benefit from complete protection. 
The gloves in our SHOCKPROTEC range have been designed using our eco-responsible manufacturing process: Clean Pu®.
By choosing SHOCKPROTEC you are opting for gloves that are more respectful of the environment
The benefits

LEBON is putting the first glove fitted with non-stitched reinforcements on the market. These ergonomic and shock-absorbing reinforcements protect from shocks of up to 2,5 kilogrammes, which is level P under the EN388:2016 standard.


Thanks to its elastane knit, the SHOCKPROTEC range has unrivalled comfort and precision.


Thanks to its 100% high density polyethylene base knit yarn, the SHOCKPROTEC range has excellent resistance to cutting and abrasion.

The certifications
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Today, OEKO-TEX® is an essential certification because it guarantees the absence of harmful products in the production of our everyday textile products.

Every element of the manufacturing process of the textile in our gloves is tested, to guarantee that it does not contain any substance that could harm the health of the operators or the environment.

The OEKO-TEX® certification therefore assures any user that the product is harmless to human health.


Because our hands are fragile and need to be protected, the SHOCKPROTEC range has been dermatologically and allergy tested by the international institute DERMATEST® and has been certified “EXCELLENT” for the health of users.

The technologies
Clean Pu® Technology

A manufacturing process for eco-designed gloves, in accordance with the highest environmental and health protection requirements that:
-Eliminates DMF residues from polyurethane-coated LEBONⓇ gloves
-Recycles wash water
-Includes a unique manufacturing process.
-With ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and SA 8000:2014 certified production units.

Screentech technology

The SHOCKPROTEC/F benefits from this technology. This means that the operator can use the touch devices while still wearing protective gloves.

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Our gloves in the SHOCKPROTEC range:
  • Level F
  • Level D
  • Level 3
  • Level 2
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Interested in the SHOCKPROTEC range?
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