Research and Development

Since 1973, LEBON has been focusing on Innovation and Research & Development to create ever more innovative protective gloves.

Technologies such as our eco-designed CLEAN PU range, our SCREENTECH technology (which allows operators to use their protective gloves on digital devices), our SHOCKPROTEC range and also the ACTIVE SENSE range (even more comfortable product range). These technologies are constantly developing year after year and make LEBON a pioneer of innovation in the world of protective gloves.

Today, our goal is to continue to innovate for our customers while respecting our commitments to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our organisation


Innovation is an integral part of the product creation process at LEBON. Our daily challenge is above all to protect the operator from the risks of work. But our second mission is to develop high-performance and innovative products that are suitable for each industrial sector.

Our objective is, therefore, to develop the products of tomorrow in a responsible and sustainable way, based on our privileged relationship with our customers and our know-how acquired through our years of practice and research.


The Research & Development department is the pillar of the Lebon Group’s innovation. A technology intelligence and analysis of customers’ needs and expectations enable R&D to anticipate tomorrow’s products.

Our team is constantly developing products that contribute to making work more and more secure. In fact, our job is above all to allow our customers to work well to protect and our daily challenge is the «0 accident».


Thanks to a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to meet each of your needs and requirements, we specialize all of our innovations.

Our laboratory has therefore been tailor-made to meet each of our expectations, allowing us an efficient development, an active control of our prototypes, resilience in our design and optimization of our developments. For example, we are equipped with the latest testing tools related to EN 388:2016.

Our technologies

For more than 20 years, LEBON Group has focused its development on new technologies. Our production tools have thus evolved, enriching themselves with technological innovations and our know-how. We have adapted pioneering technologies to our vision in order to offer you ever more efficient and innovative products.
We specialize every tool, every technology to make the most of it and provide you with protective gloves of unparalleled quality and always at the cutting edge of technology. Regular monitoring of the normative framework also enables us to know the normative developments of tomorrow in order to be ready today.


LEBON Group offers a line of eco-designed gloves, compliant with the highest environmental and health protection requirements. Indeed, the Clean PU® line exceeds all required health and cleanliness standards.

Active Sense

LEBON has created a new line of gloves that combines comfort and protection. Based on our latest generation tools, LEBON is innovating by creating a product line that enhances the quality of the glove and thereby the comfort for the operators.


Our protective gloves adapt to the DIGITAL age! This technology makes possible to use touch screen devices without removing your protective gloves.

BFR Technology®

BFR TECHNOLOGY® (Breathable Flexible Resistant) is the brand new LEBON product line. The LEBON Group R&D team has developed a twin-polymer coating that gives the glove an excellent grip on dry, wet and greasy parts while maintaining excellent breathability.


LEBON is presenting its new SHOCKPROTEC line, a revolution on the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) market. lt is the first line of gloves that have non-stitched reinforcements on the back of the hand. The SHOCKPROTEC line was created in order to protect operators' hands from the risks of cuts and shocks using shock-absorbing reinforcements. Using this line of products, operators have complete protection.