LEBON group

Our entire body of expertise goes into your protection. We started out in 1973 with the idea of finding out exactly what our customers wanted, and we have never stopped doing that. Safety at work is our priority !

Manufacturing means controlling the production line, the processes and the choice of materials.
As glove manufacturer since 1973, we are aware of production requirements. The LEBON Group, with its 3 production sites, its Research Laboratory and its experience, offers you the best value for quality-money-performance.

Understanding and satisfying your requirements enables us to continuously improve using latest generation tools. This has enabled us to improve the quality and performance of our products while respecting the environment as well. We are proud to have been producing quality gloves at LEBON for 3 generations.

In short
  • 17 million
    pairs of gloves sold per year
  • 50 years
    of experience at our customers' service.
  • 11 million
    pairs of gloves available in stock

International presence

Our international reach gives us total cost control and production flexibility that you benefit from directly. It is also an open mind that anticipates and understands the movements of the industry.

Advise and follow up

The creation of a product consists above all in meeting the requirements of industry and in carrying out a real safety audit. It is essential to listen to our customers’ requests during our process of development and advice. Indeed, we look for the ideal answer to give you with your collaboration, to prevent risks.

Our sales advisors are real technicians who will listen to you and assist you to start a quality partnership.

Production and management

To manufacture implies the perfect command of the production line, technology and materials. As a manufacturer of gloves since 1973, we perfectly know the production’s requirements.

The LEBON Group gets its strength from its 3 production sites, its research laboratory and its experience. We propose you the best quality/price/performance ratio.

Control and coordination

Provided with a logistic base located at the crossroads of Europe which is equipped with materials at the forefront of technology, the LEBON Group is committed for making logistics, one of its priorities, this in order to deliver to its customers the right product, at the right time.

Quality of service, reactivity and requirements, while respecting the deadlines, are the keywords of the logistics policy of the LEBON Group.