GreenProtech®, the new range of bi-polymer gloves

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Healthy, eco-friendly certified gloves!
GreenProtech®, a major step forward for the LEBON Group
The LEBON group is proud to present its new range of bi-polymer gloves GreenProtech®. This complete range of 7 gloves is designed for fine handling and protection against cuts. Resulting from 3 years of research, the GreenProtech® range has been developed by our Research and Development team in order to offer operators all over the world ever more efficient gloves, especially in greasy and wet environments.
The benefits
Water & Oil repellent

Protect the hands of users in greasy and humid environments: with a water and oil repellent coating superior to other gloves.


The gloves in our GreenProtech® range are guaranteed silicone-free.

Unquestionable Breathability

Our gloves with BFR technology feature a thinner and honeycombed bi-polymer foam coating, that gives the glove breathability and flexibility while providing strength, durability and water repellency.

Closed loop production

For the production of our GreenProtech® range, we have set up an innovative water reprocessing system (identical to the one used for our Clean Pu® gloves) that allows us to collect, treat and reuse the waste water from the glove manufacturing process. In addition, the main characteristic of this range is the fact that its composition is not harmful to the user.

Performance & comfort

A glove that combines performance, durability and comfort.

A certified range
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Today, OEKO-TEX® is an essential certification because it guarantees the absence of harmful products in the production of our everyday protective products.
Every element of the manufacturing process of the textile in our gloves is tested, to guarantee that it does not contain any substance that could harm the health of the operators or the environment.
The OEKO-TEX® certification therefore assures any user that the product is harmless to human health.


A Dermatest® certified product ensures maximum efficiency and excellent skin tolerance, guaranteeing safety for the user. This is why it is essential to use protective gloves with the Dermatest® label to ensure total safety for the worker. The materials used in LEBON gloves have been carefully selected so that they do not cause any harmful effects to your skin.

BFR Technology

GreenProtech® features LEBON ‘s BFR technology. Created in 2016, our gloves with BFR technology feature a thinner and honeycombed bi-polymer foam coating, that gives the glove breathability and flexibility while providing resistance, durability and water repellency.


Our GreenProtech® range is equipped with our Screentech technology, so you can use all your touchscreen devices while wearing your gloves! 

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  • Second skin effect
    Our protective gloves have been designed to protect the hands of operators at their workstations. But we know that comfort is also a major advantage when wearing protective gloves. The GreenProtech® range gives you superior comfort and a second skin effect.
  • Certified Food Contact
    In the GreenProtech® range, two products, FLEXITOUCH & MASTERTOUCH, are certified as "Food Contact" and therefore comply with the European Regulation 1935/2004 on food contact.
  • A patch to enhance protection
    Four of the products in the GreenProtech® range have a LEBON patch to provide extra protection between the thumb and index finger: EASYTOUCH, POWERTOUCH, MASTERTOUCH and METALTOUCH. A LEBON-designed patch to protect your teams.
  • From fine handling to cut protection
    The GreenProtech® range offers 7 protective gloves dedicated to handling up to cut protection (from level A to level F). LEBON has designed a range that can be used in every industrial sector.
Our gloves from our GreenProtech® range
  • Level 3
  • Food contact Tactile
  • Tactile
  • Food contact Level D
  • Level F
  • Level C
  • Level 3
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Interested in the GreenProtech® range?
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