The ambition of the LEBON group: To protect the hands of operators all over the world

Our hands are our most precious and most fragile tool at our workstation, and yet they are subjected to many risks on a daily basis. The LEBON Group was born 48 years ago with the desire to protect operators’ hands and today we are pleased to inform you that this is still our vocation.

  1. Hands

Hands are humans’ most precious tool in terms of supporting their knowledge and ingenuity. From our Prehistoric ancestors to today, humans have used their hands to develop and carry out various actions in their environment. Hands made it possible for humans to hold their food and feed themselves, to communicate with each other and also to design and create tools according to their skills.

Today hands fulfil many different functions:

The nerves in our hands are complex sensors that are constantly sending various bits of information to our brain. This information is then processed and retransmitted to our joints and muscles, which allows us to interact with the world around us.

2. Threats to the hands

As human beings’ most important tool, our hands are subject to many risks at our workplace. The lack of appropriate protection can lead to damage that may be irreversible.

In a few figures: (in France)

The main risks that our hands can be exposed to are the following:

  • Mechanical risks: abrasion, cuts, ripping, perforation
  • Thermal risks: burns, intense cold resulting in frostbites on our fingers, splashes of molten liquid
  • Risks due to terrestrial gravity: falling objects
  • Electrical risks: electrocution
  • Movement risks: repetitive movements, prolonged movements involving wrist extension or manual gripping.
  • Dermatological risks: allergic reaction to substances

To reduce the risks at the workstation, it is essential that each operator is equipped with gloves suited to their activity. Norm indicators such as EN 388, EN407, EN 16350, contact with food; are marked on the gloves to guide you in your choice of products. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the continued use of worn or unsuitable gloves increases the risks. Our hands are precious, so let’s protect them. 

3. The LEBON Group mission

More than a mission, protecting the hands of operators all over the world has been the LEBON Group’s vocation for over 48 years!  To fulfil its commitment on a daily basis, LEBON deploys all its skills and expertise to offer you high quality products for each business sector.

This design process starts with listening to our customers and taking into account their needs (current and future needs in order to anticipate their expectations and always stay competitive), then our products are created in our internal laboratory (products subjected to high precision testing).

Today more than 700 customers (large companies and distributors) in 18 countries have chosen to place their trust in LEBON Group products.

Are you ready to join the LEBON adventure? 

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