Interview with Lino Di Girolamo, managing director of SEDIS LOGISTICS.

SEDIS is the logistics and transport partner for LEBON, the two companies enjoy a close and solid professional relationship. Check out the exclusive interview given by Mr. Di Girolamo, the SEDIS managing director, now. He has agreed to answer our questions so that you can find out more about these two international companies.

Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about SEDIS Logistics.

Hello! My name is Lino Di Girolamo and I am the managing director of the company SEDIS LOGISTICS. SEDIS is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, so the company was founded in 2001!

We are freight forwarders, which means we organise international transport for our customers, and we also oversee logistics activities.

Please could explain to us what a logistics company does?

Our activity is split into 2 main areas, the first area is the freight forwarding and the second is the logistics aspect. SEDIS is like an international transport “architect”. Firstly, we oversee the collection of the goods to be transported at the suppliers, or take responsibility for goods at the port of departure (depending on the coterm which has been agreed). We are free to choose the shipping company we want to use to transport the goods to the agreed destination port. On arrival, we pay the customs and excise duties for the goods so that they have European status and can be made available for consumption (which is a really major aspect of our freight forwarding activity). Then it’s the logistics activity that takes over. Goods are unloaded from the containers and put into storage. At this stage LEBON places its orders with us and we prepare the orders and oversee all of the documentation required for successful delivery of the goods at the end customer.

How long has the LEBON Group been using your services for?

The partnership between the LEBON Group and SEDIS dates from 2008 for OVERSIZE, namely the organisation of sea transport to LEBON’s former depots in Somain, and the LOGISITICS collaboration started in March 2016 and since then SEDIS and LEBON have collaborated very closely.

How many LEBON product references are found at SEDIS?

There are slightly over 1000 LEBON references at SEDIS. This equates to almost 4000 pallets stored here at our SEDIS 21 platform and 121,000 packs shipped each year (85,000 master boxes and 68,000 packages).

What makes you stand out from other logistics companies?

Firstly our operational teams and sites are very stable, which allows us to form very close partnerships with our customers, this is the DNA that makes up the SEDIS company. Additionally we are always looking for new adaptations we can make to our transport and logistics products to provide our customers with new solutions, like the new tracking system: CARGO GREEN LINE. We are always looking for new platforms to improve storage solutions. We are also very attentive to our customers, whose needs drive us forward in a world that is changing quickly, and finally we constantly focus on our core business because this is the soul of the company.

What commitments has SEDIS made in terms of CSR?

Firstly SEDIS LOGISTICS benefits from the ECO VADIS label, which recognises us a major committed stakeholder in CSR measures. For example, we have a permanent waste management system and we recycle cardboard. We also have a product called Cargo Green Line, which is a product that is totally oriented towards the environment (transport with low CO2 emissions). We have a wind turbine project which should be happening this year, and finally on platforms 21 and 22 (where the LEBON products are found), there are 1812 photovoltaic panels, making us autonomous in terms of energy.

This action puts us in 2nd position in Wallonia for the number of square metres of solar panels. All of our actions reflect those that LEBON has developed and we are really proud to share them with LEBON, our partner for over 10 years.

LEBON Group wants to offer its customers the guarantee of the best service. It is our human and environmental values, along with our innovative vision of the business world, which are behind the ten-year partnership between SEDIS LOGISTICS and the LEBON Group.

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