What is the Dermatest® certification?

Our hands are the most exposed areas of our body during handling. Faced with the risks of cuts, burns, abrasions, but also with the risk of skin reactions, it is important to choose suitable protective gloves. In order to protect our particularly sensitive hands, it is important to ensure that our personal protective equipment is both resistant and comfortable. Wearing them for any length of time should not cause itching, skin irritation or allergies, even on sensitive skin. The Dermatest® certification guarantees the operator’s well-being and optimum safety.

Presentation of the Dermatest® Institute

Dermatest® is an independent scientific institute founded in 1978 by a German dermatologist. Its mission is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of all products that come into contact with the skin’s surface. The hygiene and cosmetic industries are the first industries concerned, but they are not the only ones.

Scientific, dermatological and biological methods, applied during in-depth clinical studies, allow the Dermatest® Institute, to accurately measure the effectiveness and safety of the product. Dermatologists and allergists from the Dermatest® Institute recognized for their international expertise, conduct these tests with complete impartiality.

What does the Dermatest® label certify?

A Dermatest® certified product ensures maximum efficiency and excellent skin tolerance, guaranteeing safety for the user. Cosmetic products such as make-up, face masks, sun protection and hygiene products including soaps, shower gels and shampoos represent the majority of products submitted to Dermatest® tolerance tests.

Once tested and validated by the institute, the products are certified “Original Dermatest” with several levels of appreciation: Good, Very good, Excellent. These categories provide information on the quality of the formulas and materials used in the products and their tolerance.

Why wear protective gloves certified by Dermatest? ® ?

Wearing protective gloves should not be at the expense of the user’s comfort and health. This is why it is essential to use protective gloves with the Dermatest® label to ensure total safety for the worker. Even over a very long period of time, these gloves are ideal for protecting your skin, as they do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. The materials used in LEBON gloves have been carefully selected so that they do not cause any harmful effects to your skin.

The Lebon ACTIVE SENSE range of protective gloves offers Dermatest® certified gloves. This personal hand protection equipment provide comfort and a feeling of well-being for the operator. The resistance of these knitted gloves, with optimal skin tolerance, combines dexterity and safety. These Lebon products have received an “excellent” rating following dermatological tests carried out by Dermatest®, proof of the attention paid to quality and well-being by the Lebon group.

You can find our explanatory brochure here: DERMATEST Brochure- EN

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