ACTIVE SENSE : When safety means Well-being !

To create products that are increasingly effective for operators, the Research and Development team have designed the ACTIVE SENSE line, a line of cut risk protection gloves that are pleasant to wear and designed to limit their impact on the environment.

This new product line offers users optimum comfort and guaranteed safety. Handle with dexterity thanks to its second skin effect.

These gloves have black CLEAN PU® coating on the palms and the fingertips.

Because we are environmentally aware, we have designed a line of protective gloves that soil less and have excellent wear resistance.

Using its production units, LEBON has implemented an eco-design program that combines dermatological safety with the protection of the environment.

Attached to our ecological footprint and to our will to reduce its impact on the environment, this technology allows us to recycle more, to protect biodiversity, while reducing its impact, in particular using a waste water reprocessing system during production.

By choosing LEBON protective gloves, choose gloves that meet the highest expectations in terms of protection and compliance with applicable standards.


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