Research and Development

The R & D department is the pillar for effective innovation of the LEBON Group. A monitoring and an advanced analysis of our customers’ need and expectations enables the R & D department to anticipate tomorrow’s products. For more than 15 years, the development of the LEBON Group has been focusing on new technologies: this allows the Group to offer even more advanced products from a technical point of view and in terms of regulatory standards. Motivated by our ambition to go even further, the LEBON Group is in the process of integrating an intelligence center, in order to strengthen the R & D department in its mission of creating new generation products.

Our production units

Calcutta India
Inaugurated in 2000
5,2 million pairs / year
ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 :2004 SA 8000 :2008
Calcutta India
Inaugurated in 2008
4,5 million pairs / year
ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 :2004 SA 8000 :2008
Ahmedabad India
Inaugurated in 2017
3,6 million pairs / year
ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 :2004 SA 8000 :2008



The latest addition to the cut protection product line, the STEELTECH®30 is a combination of different LEBON technologies. We designed this product to combine the properties of a knitted, 100% Textra@stainless steel/elastane fabric and CLEAN PU® coating, with those of natural cow split leather. Indeed, the natural cow split leather provides an excellent grip and excellent wear and puncture resistance, and the 100% Textra@stainless steel knitted glove combined with CLEAN PU® coating provides excellent cut resistance (E level).

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BFR Technology®

The BFR TECHNOLOGY® process gives the glove’s coating flexibility, breathability, water resistance and strength. We have therefore developed a twin-polymer coating that gives the glove an excellent grip on dry, wet and greasy parts.

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Having our own production units also allows us to design one of our most important raw materials: thread. In fact, VORTIS TECHNOLOGY® consists of an exclusive knitting system that makes it possible to create unique combinations of materials (textured polyamide, stainless steel filament, elastane, HPPE, etc.) and thereby create products that are increasingly in line with market needs.

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clean pu®

The LEBON Group is involved in a manufacturing policy according to the highest environmental requirements and health protection, including strict compliance with the German law TRGS -June 2008. In fact, it protects people from the consequences of toxic substances used in the manufacturing of gloves. Conducting its own production units, the LEBON Group has therefore implemented an ecological concept program which combines dermatological and environmental safety.

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SCREENTECH® technology provides the possibility of using machines and tools fitted with touch screens without removing protective gloves. We are increasingly favouring this type of specification to meet future needs resulting from the digitisation of production units.